ThinkPlace Design Matatu

Weaving in and out of Nairobi's concrete jungle, the ThinkPlace matatu offered an immersive and intensive creative experience that empowered riders to rethink their travel experience while working collaboratively to tackle design challenges using ThinkPlace methodology.

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She's one of the only women to pilot a 'matatu,' the minibus taxis that keep Nairobi moving

Before dawn breaks over East Africa, hundreds of thousands of Kenyans begin their daily commute into Kenya’s traffic-laden capital, Nairobi. Most get to work by packing themselves into garishly painted minibuses known as “matatus.”

Known for their dangerously aggressive drivers, matatus are not just a cheap and fast means of transportation — they are a way of life in Kenya. And they’re also a subculture that is almost completely owned and operated by men.

Almost, that is. Because of Margaret Wairimu.

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