Laurent Nahmias-Leonard

A spinner of yarns. A minstrel of myths. A maker of mischief. A disciple of YOLO. A rascal. Just plain naughty.
One incredible, almost 34-year-old man.


The Man

From St. Patrick’s Day chicken nugget free-for-alls to his godforsaken “puking duck” art, one all-too-snug women’s disco jumpsuit and his short-lived stint as a Chinese acrobatic artist for poor children in Africa, one thing is for sure; Laurent has some good stories.

For his 34th birthday, I’m inviting his friends to celebrate Laurent’s lifetime of tomfoolery by sharing their most outrageous, belly laugh inducing, just plain naughty stories staring Laurent. 

But sshhh. It’s a secret!

The Stories

Here’s where you come in.

I need your stranger-than-fiction, holds no barred tales of Laurent, which I will cut together into a video to be shown at his surprise birthday party on May 4th.

The Workflow

  1. Record a video with your funniest story about Laurent in approximately one minute or less in length.

  2. Include one word to describe Laurent (hilarious, wild, unbridled, etc).

  3. Don’t forget your name and spelling, role (friend, brother, sidekick, etc) and how long you’ve known Laurent. 

  4. Feel free to add any other message to the birthday boy at the end!

  5. Include evidence in the form of photos or videos of yore (the more analog, the better). Separate files uploads are fine. 

  6. Upload everything to my Google Drive folder (link to your right!) by Monday April 22nd! Don’t have a Google account? Email your story to:

  7. I’ll share the final video after his birthday bash!


Deadline: Monday, April 22nd!


Technical hot tips

  • Phone video is great. DSLR is even better!

  • Shoot in the highest quality (I’ll even take 4k from all you nerds).

  • Record in a quiet place.

  • Keep the camera steady (yasss for tripods).

  • Have a source of light shining toward you so I can see your beautiful face!

  • Be colorful and descriptive. Dig deep.

  • Feel free to forward this storytelling invitation to Laurent’s friends who I might not know!

Questions? Concerns? Airing of grievances? Holla at me.

Katie G. Nelson (girlfriend)
+254 711 237 856

Thank you so much to everyone for pulling together on this!

Asante sana!