Kenyan elections are mostly smooth as both sides await the results | PRI

The usually congested streets of Nairobi were silent this morning as Kenyans quietly cast their vote for their next president. Many had left the nation’s capital ahead of Tuesday’s vote, heading up-country in hopes of avoiding the kind of violence that has engulfed their country in past elections.

But all remained peaceful as the majority of polling stations closed Tuesday evening, some voters still waiting patiently under night skies to see their tickets successfully placed inside a ballot box.

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How I stumbled across a pristine copy of a famous National Geographic issue | PRI

Like many photojournalists, National Geographic magazines have remained a tangible representation of my lifelong love of adventure and storytelling — a conduit that helped me develop an insatiably curious mind and deep appreciation for our collective humanity.

So, when I found an original June 1985 edition of National Geographic featuring the Afghan Girl on Wednesday afternoon — one day after Gula’s arrest — I was awestruck. It’s in almost immaculate condition — her eyes so much more vibrant in analog than digital.

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