“I’m scared for my people”: Minneapolis Black Lives Matter activists on what terrifies them most | PRI

Katie G. Nelson



Hundreds of Black Lives Matter activists have demonstrated outside the Fourth Precinct police station in North Minneapolis since Jamar Clark, 24, was shot by an officer on November 15. On November 23, five protesters were shot near the demonstration.

The following day, I photographed demonstrators and asked them all one question: What are you afraid of? Here are their answers.






Stacey Rosana

“I’m mostly just afraid of the white supremacists who are coming here… and just the way that the police look at us. They don’t look at you like you’re human.”

Tiphanie “PH” Copeland

“Being a Pan-African women, I often feel as if my experience is not validated. I want my story to matter. I want my life to matter.”

Irna Landrum

“I feel like my fear—the amount of fear I had at the beginning—is just getting less and less and less. I’m just less and less afraid of standing anybody down because there’s just too many of us.”

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