Making a Difference for Uganda's Untreated Cancer Patients

Since publishing “Waiting to die: Uganda's untreated cancer patients” I’ve received dozens of emails from readers asking how they can help hospice patients in Uganda.

After consulting the staff at Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja (the nonprofit organization featured in my article) we came up with a list of items that can help support patients and continue the nonprofit's important work in Uganda.

Details about donating to Hospice Jinja, as well as contact information for the organization can be found below. Additional inquiries can be forwarded to: katiegracenelson (at)

Thank you to everyone who has reached out in the last two days. The outpouring of compassion and concern is extremely moving. 


- Katie G. Nelson


About Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja

For the last ten years Hospice Jinja has provided palliative care to patients with life threatening and life limiting illnesses in Busoga, one of the poorest regions of Uganda. 

Every day, our teams of nurses go deep into the rural villages on scheduled, regular visits to our 400 clients.

Our work presents a great opportunity to help a person in need – whether sick with cancer, HIV/AIDS or any other life threatening disease or trauma. 

The absolute poverty and last-mile isolation of our clients often means Hospice Jinja is often their only hope for treatment and care, making our work an immense and crucial challenge.


The Need

  • More than 100 of our 414 clients are clinically diagnosed with cancer but have never been tested or given a chance for treatment.

  • More than 350 of our clients live in absolute poverty and are unable to afford basic needs such as food, clothes, bedding and shelter. 

  • Dependent on the family breadwinners to pay their school fees, many children are unable to afford education, especially after their guardian passes away. Hospice Jinja aims to provide school fees for 100 children this year. 

Making a Difference 

  • $400 will build a simple house, providing patients and their family’s a chance to stay dry and comfortable during this difficult time.
  • $200 will pay for testing and treatment for cancer, and a chance to live many more years.
  • $120 will pay for a child to attend school for one year, giving them an opportunity to escape poverty despite the circumstances they were born into. 
  • $35 will buy a mattress, blanket and sheets, and give a little comfort and dignity to our patients
  • $20 will provide a nutritional for a household for one month.

How to Donate

By Mail: 

Mail your tax-deductible contribution on a check marked “Hospice Jinja” to our fiscal sponsor in the United States:

Friends of Reach Out
c/o Benedicte Vibe Christensen, Treasurer
1701 Forest Lane
McLean, VA 22101, USA


Click the button below to donate online, via PayPal / credit card. 

For further information about giving to Hospice Jinja, please contact Dr. Margrethe Juncker at margrethejuncker (at)