"Love Is" Featured in National Geographic

Last February, film editor Joshua Carlon and I decided to independently release “Love Is: A Message from Uganda’s Gay & Transgender Community” with hopes that the short film would reach wider audiences and perhaps provide a sense of shared humanity with Uganda’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Two months later, I’m proud to finally announce that “Love Is” has been selected by National Geographic to run in their Short Film Showcase, a series highlighting “the most captivating short videos from filmmakers around the world”.

The release of “Love Is” (now titled "Love Can Change Anything") by National Geographic marks one of the proudest moments in both my journalism career and in the creation of my personal legacy on this earth.

Cheers to Josh Carlon for weaving such a beautiful narrative out of hours of raw footage and my most sincere thanks to the Ugandan "kuchu" community for allowing me a window into the best and the most difficult parts of your lives.

Thank you.

Click the button below to watch "Love Is" on National Geographic