On assignment: World Cancer Day

I received a last-minute request to photograph a cancer screening event in Nyeri County for World Cancer Day 2016. I quickly packed up my gear and drove 3.5 hours north to Nyeri, which is situated near the beautiful but often hidden Mt. Kenya. 

Emily H. Johnson, a fellow journalist, was shooting video for MobileODT - a company that uses mobile phones to detect cancer - while I was responsible for their still photography.

The two-day shoot was admittedly challenging at times, both due to the day one location (a clinic with florescent lighting) and the brutally harsh sun on day two. I managed to find my groove halfway through the second day, using an external flash to overpower the sun and finding shaded spots -- such as inside medical tents and appointment areas - to get more intimate images. I also a patient as she made her way through screening, counseling and treatment process for pre-cancerous lesions in her cervix.   

Both Emily and I shot about 15 hours each day while carrying 20-pound backpacks full of gear. Suffice to say, we were exhausted. 

That said, I couldn't be happier with my images thus far. I've edited half a dozen, with hundreds more to cull, correct and deliver to MobileODT. 

Here's a preview from last week's free cancer screening event with more images coming soon.